Global 30

So recently I discovered the Global 30 project, which I’ll explain in a sec.

If there’s one thing that stuck out to me was one advice about not giving up, so then I went off on a search to uncover more scholarships that would enable me to study in Japan. The problem was that most of them requires that I’m already accepted into a Japanese University… I think all of them except the Mombukagakusho scholarship require that you are already going.

So while I was distracted looking for scholarships, I found one that I actually qualified for. I’m still doing my research on it though. I like to understand the things I plan on applying for first. The thing about it is that it required proof of admission to a University. So that’s when I went University hunting.

University hunting was discouraging at first but then I discovered the Global 30 project, from the same website with scholarship listings. The more I write, the more it seems like I’m writing an ad.

Anyways, the road blocks were these:

1) I couldn’t do the EJU exam-which is a Japanese proficiency test, kind of like the equivalent to the English ones- firstly because I think it can only be taken in certain areas at certain times and I wouldn’t be able to travel for that. Secondly, I’m so not proficient in Japanese. Here’s a link if you’re interested in learning more about the EJU:

2) I wouldn’t have been able to travel to Japan for the entrance exam. I can’t even go for plain ol’ simple tourism.

3) Financial problems!  I hate that most scholarships require you to already be in Japan. The whole point I’m looking for Scholarships, is because I need help to get there. Most of the time the thought of living under the poverty line is really entertaining to me, but occasionally it’s annoying that I can’t do some stuff because money acts like a barrier. Don’t worry though, it’s not like a plan to solely live off of scholarships, I’m working on project save it up. That project starts as soon as I can first land a job. -_- (actively searching for some months now)

Now how does the global 30 help me?

The global 30 project is meant to invite international students to Japan. The booklet I have says,

” 13 Universities were selected by the Japanese government to be a member of the ‘Global 30′ Project. These selected Universities aim to nurture internationally competent individuals by creating an academic enviroment where international and Japanese students can learn from one another and build lasting international bonds that will propel them into the international scene.” 

1) Well for starters, it’s a project that some Japanese Universities are a part of, that allows you to pursue degree programs in English! So that scratches the EJU test off my list. Part of the reason I want to study in Japan is to get fluent in Japanese, so now I can study and learn!

2) You can take your entrance examinations at home: Universities under the global 30 project offer paper and interview-based admissions.

3) Low tuition and fees, generous scholarships: I can’t really say much on this because it’s coming right out of this mini “global 30″ booklet on my lap. For some reason I’m always kind of slow in believing financial facts, no matter how good that statistics may be. For example, it says that many students in universities under the global 30 , have some kind of scholarship. I don’t believe it to be false, but I’m skeptical of my chances of getting it. Even if the chances are 90% I’m always viewing it as though I’m a part of the 10%. What can I say, it’s just my luck.

If you’re wondering about how I got that mini global 30 booklet, it was during a university event about the JET program. They had these books sitting on the table, up for grabs and I took it. The odd thing was that I didn’t really discover global 30 until weeks later, and that’s when I realized what the book I had was all about. It’s not like I didn’t read it before, the online website -which I’ll link below- had a lot more information written, and had lists of Universities with the programs they offer in English.

Anyways, if I messed up on any info let me know, because what I’ve written is what I’ve understood so far. I’ve already got my eyes set on one of the Universities so far.


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