Tsukuba Summer Research Program 2017 Application

Hello people


If you’re interested in doing research in Japan and :

have a minimum GPA of 3.0

are undergrad student(3,4,5th year) or Graduate student


Consider applying for this opportunity! I discovered it this year and submitted my application already. They extended the deadline to the 16th of May. If you’re part of the partner schools then I think it’s cheaper/free for some things. There’s also travel scholarships available. 


Here is the link: http://www.global.tsukuba.ac.jp/summer/summer-research 


Good luck to us all!


UTRIP- Research at Todai

UTRIP: University of Tokyo Research Internship Program

This is a summer research opportunities targeted towards undergraduate students who plan on working towards a masters or Ph.D

This is a perfect chance to get some guidance but unfortunate for me you got to be at least in second year at an accredited university to apply. Plus you need to be into natural science, engineering or something related to that, which is all good for me.  The good thing is I already know about this ahead of time.

One great thing about this internship program is that its great for those of us who want to combine their interest in science and Japan together. As a participant you get short courses on Japanese and the The japanese culture. Theres also excursions outside of tokyo!

Now this program sounds awesome, but if you’re anything like me, there’s only one thing that would matter the most; the cost.

According to their website, UTRIP participants will be financed by one of the three scholarships available. If I’ve understood it right it should be enough to live off of.

The three scholarships are:


2) FUTI- Award- For students in American university

3) CONICYT scholarship – For Chilean people and permanent Chile residents

This is an amazing opportunity so I would recommend you check it out. I wish I could say more but I’ll have to see for myself. If there’s one thing that I’m worried about, it’s the recommendation letter from a professor.  It’ll be alright though, I hope!


My Letter of Rejection

I don’t think I posted this up before, but I feel like I have to because it’s one special moment in my life. This blog is all about I get to Japan, so I feel it’s necessary to show the wrong turns as well.

mext rejection

My heart broke when I saw this. At first a moment of confusion as I took it in, then, a lot of regret and wishing.

I though I was over it, I am kind of, but thinking how things could have turned out  is still at the back of my mind.

If there’s anything anyone else can learn from me is that:

1) search for all sorts of opportunity, because you may discover something too late and your age(or other requirements) would disqualify you.

2) Never give up hope and think you’ve failed, while waiting for your application to be accepted, keep on studying… Scratch that, study rigorously as soon as you discover this wonderful opportunity. When you feel that your failing in your studies, look back at my letter and think to yourself about whether you want the same one or not. Think about how that could be you and study so that it is not you.

Courage of a Mext applicant

I just wanted to make this post…to breath. Do you know what it feels like to wait for your dream to come true? This monbukagakusho is it for me. As I was going through the internet it dawned on me that MANY others were like me. This scholarship means so much to them.

This reminds me of that post on face book about how us mext scholarship applicants are really tough, or something like that. All this anxiousness for how many months?


It’s funny, but we’re having mini heart attacks just waiting. (Just a side note, I tend to try and laugh about my problems and saying how they’re funny. It’s my way of coping.) I like these people, they’re of my kind.

Not to make it worse, or better depending on how you see it,  one really enthusiastic scholarship recipient was really encouraging us to come and I think everyone else got riled up. It was great! I just wish it came earlier  and not after I’d already done my exams and interview, now it doesn’t matter anymore because what’s done is done.

I REALLY wish I could have had the chance to really show my stuff and prove my worth. I REALLY wish that this wasn’t my first/ last chance to apply for the undergraduate scholarship which makes things a tinsy bit worse in my case. So many wishes but what can I do other than to wait some more?


I’m just loving this facebook group for the monbukagakusho applicants and scholars. It’s your go to place for info and support! I especially love how some people display their confidence in winning by writing, “See you next year.”

If you tell me that, I’ll honestly be lifted. I don’t really believe everyone I know in my life who says they believe I can make it, but, I’m relieved they say it anyways. It makes things more positive and loosens the tension. I especially love how my family acts like I’ve already won.

I’m bursting with mixed emotions. This is exciting, fun, scary, worrisome,amazing, a gem, a dream, a possible reality, a possible reality that could just slip out of your hands…


I guess my peeps get that feeling. If not then I’m just a weird case. I doubt it, I’m sure the others feel this way.



After the exam/interview

I just finished writing up the last of my exams for the monbukagakusho and I wanted to write down what I felt before I lost the feeling….

It was challenging, you could say. I don’t know if it’s advantageous to be the only one sitting for the undergraduate exam, or not. I hope it is.

At first I felt kind of disappointed when I finished, but then I quickly got out of that mood. I can’t be mad at how I performed in the exams because I know I honestly tried my best, studying in a short period of time.Plus I was fasting and tired. I wish there were certain things I looked into further while I was studying, but it’s ok. I did what I could do. (I’ll give myself a pat on the back)

You know that moment in a movie where the scene is more dramatic and slowed down, and everyone is holding their breath to see the outcome? I’m holding my breath right now. The results come out in about 3 weeks.

I came up with a short list of what I did wrong.

  • Didn’t practice for the interview: I know I stated previously that I was confident in the interview part, but I still should have practiced going through an interview with someone. I pictured it in my head but since I know myself very well, I kind of skipped preparing something to say about myself. At the end, I realized I left out some info I could have shared about me.
  • Didn’t keep track of time: Since I didn’t keep track of my time, I ran out time and so I could only answer  3 questions for Math. I wasn’t even able to properly finish my Chemistry as well.
  • Didn’t prepare for physics:  I should have checked to see what exams I was supposed to do more carefully because I didn’t realize that by choosing chemistry as my third option as a subject to major in, I would have to do a physics exam.(I also did biology)

That’s all I can think of.  Don’t get me mistaken for being hopeless, I still believe I have a shot at this. All that’s left is to pray.

I guess, for now you can leave me holding my breath, waiting.

Before the exam

So when they say that different countries do things differrently, regarding the monbukagakusho, they really do mean that. In my last post I came to the conclusion that I would be notified within two weeks time just because another country did that. Not to mention that many people had already done their exams or were about to.

So good news for me, I passed the documentation screening, all that’s in my way is the exam and interview, both of which are on the same day.

so this is my schedule.

English 60 min 9:15-10:15 am

Mathematics 60 min 10:15-11:15 am

Break 11:15-11:30 am

Physics 60 min 11:30-12:30 pm

Lunch 12:30-1:30 pm

Interview 30 min 1:30-2:00 pm

Chemistry 60 min 2:00-3:00 pm

Biology 60 min 3:00-4:00 pm

Japanese 120 min(max) 4:00-6:00 pm


It may sound like I’m not so happy that I passed the screening, but I REAALLLY am. It’s just the daunting fact that what could potentially get in my way of this amazing opportunity is the exam, which, by the way, is tomorrow for me. 

I’m writing this post up now as I take a break from my studies. I really need the break to keep my cool. Over the week, I have been re-learning some old materials and learning a lot more new stuff! For example, in my calculus course, I only learned how to get the derivative of a function. I never learned about antiderivaties ,which are commonly used in the Math b exams. 

I started studying a long time ago but when I didn’t here back from the embassy, I tried to slowly let go of the idea of winning this scholarship, afraid of hoping too strongly and getting down in the dumps. So in turn, I also stopped studying. until I got the email stating my examination date.

 So if you’re wondering about how I feel about the interview, well I’m SUPER confident that I can do well in that. I’m not even worried about that. 


It’s just the exam that’s draining my life force…(plus I’m fasting so I’m already tired) I don’t mind the studying though, If it’s to win this scholarship I’m down for studying. It’s just that I’m sure the exams would have been easier if I had more study time.  I basically have a week to polish my brain and I’m thankful that I had started studying around the time I submitted my application. That bit of studying helped a lot. I’m also thankful that I even had this week, imagine if I had a days notice! 0.0

The Consulate did ask me if the set date was ok for me, which was extremely nice of them. I was tempted to ask for more time but I couldn’t allow myself to bother them just to find another suitable time.Plus pretty much everyone else has a weeks long notice, so who am I to ask for more?

 Anyways, this is how I am right before the actual exam. I’ll also try to post right after my exam insha’allah (God willingly)


 Look out for my post on the Obon Matsuri that happened at the JCCC.

Here’s just one tiny pic


My discovery of the Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Scholarship

Something amazing happened one day as I was looking up scholarships online and happened to type ‘Japan’ in the search box, not even expecting to find anything. There it was, the monbukagakusho, otherwise known as the MEXT scholarship. (Ministry of Education culture, sports, science and Technology. I think)

I read through it and it sort of went like this in my mind:

-Full scholarship to Japan
What? You gotta be kidding me. I bet it’s only graduates though.
Ok, looking good so far, but I bet I can’t do it because of the age limit. -_-
-17yrs-22 for 2015
0.0…This can’t be right! Hold on, don’t get happy yet. There’s bound to be some condition which single me out like usual… How was it that I just barely made it?!

At this point, I read the guidelines and I kind of held my breath as I read along and didn’t find anything I didn’t qualify for. I read it again. And Again, and again. At this point I was bursting with so much happiness that… it felt like I was floating.

I remember telling my sister that over and over again. I kept telling her, ‘I’m floating’

As you can tell, I’m weird like that. From the way I acted it was as if I had won the scholarship, which I haven’t YET. (Confidence. Confidence.Confidence.)
My sister thought I had won from the way I was acting.

I guess you wouldn’t understand why I was happy unless you were in my head. Normally, any great program I find has criteria which factors me out in one way or another. It’s usual age. I’ve never been in my correct grade since way back so I’m usually in a class with younger kids.

When I want to do some stuff grade wise like contests it usually has an age limit and so I’m out.

This scholarship was just too good to be true. I had to go out and do as much research as I could. Man,it is HARD finding info on the winners, I’ve found only four winners, one of which I get a lot of info from.

Shout out to Eustacia at
http://nihonjinjanai.blogspot.ca/ (LOVELY site)

Luckily I managed to get my hands on a book from 2005, which is probably outdated. The bad news was it didn’t help me much in understanding how to apply and practice for stuff and guide me to a successful application BUT It was a book that was meant for those who had won the scholarship . I’ve literally have held on to it like the bible, (figure of speech, I’m not even christian.) This book gave me some insight on what to prepare for as a winner. (I know, I know, I’m getting ahead of myself) It even answered some my my questions and helped me understand the MEXT scholarship a little bit more.

I’m so happy I’ve applied but I nearly messed up big time by forgetting to add my signatures on the form. Good thing I submitted it a day before the dead line because I was able to go back and finish it off. I guess that made me look bad though. 😦

I think I did good considering the fact that I discovered the scholarship at the beginning of may when it was due on the 30th of the same month.

Now to prepare for the exams.

dun dun duuuuun