Personal Development: On Schooling, Starting a business and Studying Japanese

It’s been a while!

In the time since I’ve been away, I already feel like I became a new person. I’ve experienced starting an online business(without a background in business), studying in my 4th year at University, started writing  stories again and have gained this sense of wisdom on career and studies. I’ve also gotten to the point where I can understand and read more Japanese! I don’t know how others may perceive this, but I feel like I’m moving in the right direction by pursuing personal growth. 



Ignore my phone’s camera quality…

This blog today will hopefully inspire some of you out there who may be feeling stuck right now. I am no expert, but I believe that if I share with you my story you may take away something from this blog…sometimes it’s not directly related to what is said but how the words remind of of something else beneficial.



I’m someone who dreams and aims for bigger and greater things in life. I wasn’t always this way. Growing up I actually didn’t think as big as I do now because I didn’t really believe in myself. It’s not like I thought I couldn’t be successful, but the thought of being successful didn’t even cross my mind. I made a switch when someone started believing in me and then suddenly I believed and dreamed on my own.  That person was my teacher who recognized that I was attempting to do more studies, and saw potential that I could do well if I took studying seriously. So how is this important for you?  Well I began to see changes in my life when I personally started  doing something to personally develop.

Personal development can look like many things. I generally think that if something you are doing enhances your quality of life or brings you closer to your goals, then that’s along the lines of personal development. It’s basically doing anything but nothing with your life. Sometimes we are distracted by school, work and life in general that we think we are developing, but really we are in a sense doing ‘nothing’ about our current level. You may be stuck at a certain level in Japanese, and all you really need to do is find the time to study. You may have been wanting to be more fit, but haven’t gone to the gym yet. You’re stuck! 

It’s frustrating I know, but remember you have a short life, and you shape how you want it to be.  The challenge is getting out from having life control you, but to control your reality and what you do about what life has given you. 

Yes, I was inspired to dream big as a kid, but  then that one time point of inspiration isn’t supposed to last a lifetime. That inspiration led me to a level I hadn’t reached before, and that’s level I have long since passed. I was re-inspired again after reading books like Think and grow Rich , Rich Dad poor Dad etc. I am re-inspired, when I attend conferences, and workshops. I am re-inspired when I can see opportunities of my personal growth.


Maybe you have your inspiration, and there’s that guilty sensation gnawing at you to do it.  My suggestion to you is to be like NIKE and Just do it.  Make time for whatever it is you need doing, and try real hard to get it done. Don’t overthink the ‘what ifs’ and such. Try to remove all the barriers. for instance if time is a barrier for you, then perhaps you might want to rethink time management and develop skills in that. That’s something I am still learning myself. I honestly just don’t want your passion and aspirations just die out.  

Live your life, and enjoy it.


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