My (failed) Tsukuba summer Research Program application

From the title I’m sad to say that I failed in getting into this program of my dreams.  It was way too competitive with over 500 applicants I believe. I remember feeling so dang sure that I would get it given the effort I put into the application but it was no good for me this time. I checked and double checked and prayed that someone would have dropped out from the program and allow me to have the space or the professor I chose to open up another space. Basically I was devastated and heartbroken. It took me days to finally let my loss sink in.

I realize with 500+ applicants for 34 lab positions was actually a tad bit impossible for me considering my lack of formal lab experience (outside of class). I’m not too sure myself but I highly believe that this may be the case.

Any who

I’ve moved on and have bitterly accepted the truth. The ice to my wounds was when one person I know told me,  “It’s their loss”

But you know what?

Some good has come out of this. I got my passport and I got an inspiring thought for my pursuit of graduate studies in Japan. I realized that if I really wanted to do it, then I’d have to stop solely relying on scholarship applications and preparing myself financially.


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