Toronto,Rakugo and the Japanese Learner

Today was my first time in experiencing the Japanese comcial Rakugo at the Japan foundation. For starters, if you don’t know what that is Rakugo is storytelling which is funny-to say the least. The story teller sits on a cushion and uses their basic facial expression, tone and  gestures to tell the story. I don’t think they can stand, but can stand on their knees.

So how was it?

 I loved being there and seeing the show, but I believe most of the jokes went over my head because my limited Japanese ability. I relied on the subtitles mostly, but at the same time, that was a bit distracting because the focus was on the actual performer. 

Would I recommend Rakugo to people? YES! Being exposed to more Japanese culture, no matter how incapable you may be in truly understanding, is a step forward towards understanding.  I can almost imagine my future self attending another Rakugo similar to today’s and thorougly enjoying it to the fullest. It’ll be interesting for two reasons:

  1. I actually get 100% of the humor
  2. I can see I developed stronger Japanese skills capable of understanding.


If you missed out today, there’s another show happening at the JCCC tomorrow, and apparently this particular Shishou will be visiting other places too!




unfortunately Pictures of the show weren’t allowed.


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