How to Be the Change?

We’ve all come across the quote, be the change you want to see in the world, and to must of us all it’ll ever be is just that, a quote. 


After reading the winning essay on goipeace website youth category, I was touched to see the quote being applied by a 17 year old.  Her article amazed me, and all she took was a simple step forward  in creating an impact. After visiting  an orphanage, she decided to write a book that could help with their future. I don’t want to say more than I already have,because it’s better for you to read it yourself

The point is, what makes the change makers different from the dreamers, is that although they also dream, they take action. Taking action requires your own thinking. What can you contribute, and how? Maybe you have certain skill sets that can be of benefit. It’s time for us to get creative about it.

My suggestion: Take time out for yourself to think. This could be during long walks, showers or before bed, where ever you do your best thinking. Don’t aim too big, break the task down and tackle it , whatever you can handle. 

Analyse the problem you want to solve. It may appear bigger than it is, but perhaps there are smaller chunks you can take and help out with. 


Anyway, I’ll be thinking as usual. My next research project gives me hope that maybe I can contribute something!


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