Down in the Dumps


So I know about a couple of opportunities that could give me my career in Japan a start, but I’m just well, intimidated by the application procedures.


In my soul, or whatever it is, I feel this light of motivation wanting me to drive forward. I want to take action, and just do it. On the other hand, I take in the fact that everyone else is also applying from around the world. Who am I to compete with stellar grades?

I mean really, they’ll see my transcript and see the 2 courses I failed(ignoring the good ones), but they wouldn’t know the amount of effort that went into them, or the stories behind these grades. These don’t represent what I have understood or learned, but why would they take a chance on taking me in?

So, as always, I have this thought like I mentioned before. I have to prove myself to them in other ways. So to show my seriousness in the carer path I have chosen, I make it a point to continually create research projects, attend symposiums, and write more researched papers, to better equip myself with the skills and education I need.  For instance, I’m current;y working on my next research project, taking a step further into making it something more relevant to my field of interest, or close to the labs I’m interested in applying for.

As someone who’s quick to learn techniques and ways, I’d like to show them that though there are those grades, I won’t slow down the lab at all. Yes I typically have questions, but usually to get my mind rolling, to widen my view. I have a goal, and that is to contribute to the scientific findings  that’ll help with health.

Well, you know what, I’ll still go for it. I’ll put my heart into it. At least, I’m doing ok on relevant courses, and excelling on the one that actually matters. Doesn’t mean I’ll stop putting effort. Actually I think I’m quite close to a Eureka moment, but till I break that wall, I won’t know.

Everything about this school year has felt right. More happier and relaxed, since I fixed a few more things. After years of rethinking and reorienting, I think I’ve found the ‘promised land’. Well to imagine what I see, it’s like I’d been lost for years wandering around to find a land I’ve heard of. Only now I’ve reached a new land that looks like this ‘promised land’. I just have to explore a bit. They don’t call me ‘The map’ for nothing.


Anyway,I shall continue foraging, and bringing out my best!



By the way, I’m dressing more professionally now a-days!!! (In comparison to my careless way). I got to dress my part.





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