Seasonal Kickoff:Japanese self learner community

As you know, I’ve been away for the summer due to work and wasn’t able to access a computer until school started. Three weeks in and it’s now my birthday, I’m back! 22 year old me, was a great success. She got the ball rolling and now 23 year old me needs to keep the momentum and build on her accomplishments.

First off all, Thank you for those who’ve been still going through my posts, even though I’ve been on a hiatus. It’s stunning and heartwarming to see that my readership actually went up, which isn’t intuitive.Well …more like it’s now steady. So thankful!

What to expect this ‘season’?

1)Nihongo stepways Program!

So maybe you’re like me,you’re stuck. You know ‘all’ the basic Japanese yet you’re still a beginner? Well, let me propose something to you. Maybe we can work on moving up a little bit higher on that intermediate scale? This totally sounds like an advertisement, but funny enough I’m not selling anything. I’m trying to form a community that’ll grow together. I personally haven’t been advancing as much as I’d like to.

The step ways program is basically that checkpoint you reach to make sure you’re advancing. I have a two year goal to becoming an upper intermediate(or even higher) and in order  for that to work, wishful thinking can’t be the only thing I’m falling back on.

So How will we study Japanese ?

Well, as I mentioned. This is a community. We work together, I may have ideas in mind, but as I always like to stress, this isn’t the be-and-all kind of situation. 

Firstly, we will be working with a topic. For example, ‘Shopping’. Everything we do will be related to that.

The ideas I have in mind are to continue the Japanese translation games, make more videos with people speaking japanese (most likely just me in the begining since I don’t know anyone) and if you ever had one we could toally use place yours on the blog. It’s basically not really a video where you speak, but also where the crowd deciphers what you’re trying to say. Closest one to the actual message gets to make the next video.OR if you made mistakes, the one that helps in correcting you most could do one as well. They don’t really need to be videos, as long as it’s an audio and we can hear properly.

Also there’ll be routine kanji drills, so maybe we’ll  compile together a list of useful kanji related to that topic. Maybe we can put those kanji to use in practice writing?


The goal is :

1)firstly stay motivated. How can you get left behind when everyone else is working?

2) Have a cool community to work with.

3)Learn, Self learning is tough.

4) All this in addition to your own personal goals.



There’ll probably be more changes for this new  ‘season’ but creating a self learner language community is the biggest.


What do you think? Please reply! 


(I actually really want to know what you think)