Toronto’s Ichiriki Review

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to have dinner with my Japanese class, classmates so we went to Ichiriki. Which is right on 120 Bloor, somewhat in between Sherbourne and Yonge.


First I gotta announce that I think I finally mastered the art of the Chopstick ways. I was able to eat my meal solely using chopsticks! Well, OK, there may have been one or two things that I may have had to use my hands but we’ll just over look that.


It’s a nice cozy restaurant with kawaii waitresses. 

I got a set with delicious salmon teriyaki, mouth watering Shrimp and Vege Tempura and Vegetable rolls.  Even if you’re not a fan of the greenie’s you can’t help but think that it tastes way better this way.

I also got rice and ice cream! Despite my laughable experience with Japanese Food, I’ve been noticing a growing theme of ending off a meal with macha ice cream.

And finally I present to you my dish:


The idea of salmon is just enough to get me hungry, but look at how it is with that teriyaki sauce! Not a vegetarian meal so I’m definitely pleased. It also went so well with the bowl of rice they gave me. 

I like to believe that rice with meat is a big part of my own cultural (African)food. Japanese rice is way different from my own culture, but the rice is way different and even the set up of food is different. At home , we have everything practically put onto one plate and we eat with our hands. 

I’m not ashamed to say that I felt like I was in an anime character in some story , holding a bowl of rice in my left hand and trying to put the fish, seaweed and salad in my mouth along with the rice quick enough. Now it makes sense why most of these characters eat like pigs (Goku)! Ok maybe not exactly.

If anything I’d like to recommend the salmon teriyaki with rice, it just goes so well together. This is something I’d definitely go back for. That’s my first time saying that for any Japanese meal and I’m not a big fan of Japanese food (yet). 

I mentioned before that shrimp was good, and I’ll say it again: Shrimp is delicious. That tempura mix of Shrimp and Veges did not disappoint me.

Now on to more pressing matters


Need I say more?

I still can’t really find that inner sushi within me.

Not really liking this stuff even till now, but I can say I have made some progress with it. The first time I had it, it was a complete shock to my taste buds. Also it was probably too vege for me, and the other options were shrimp and raw tuna. So I went to try the shrimp one as well. While I was able to down it with less of a…reaction, if you will, I still didn’t like it too much. this has nothing to do with the cooking, it’s just that I’m not so fond of sushi to begin with. I’m glad that I was given the chance to try it once more.

So as I said, the night just had to end off with ice cream.


Yet again I come across a new flavour; Ginger.  It tasted good, and I recommend you try it too, if you don’t mind little ginger pieces in it. Otherwise Macha is your best bet.

Well that’s it for this week! If you’re in the mood to eat some nice food, I’d recommend goning to Ichiriki.

Zehi ittemite kudasai.(Hope I wrote that correctly )





Anyway that’s that with chopstick journals. Sorry I couldn’t update last week. This dinner was set for a week after, and not to mentioned I was swamped with exams.



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