Lion Standing in the Wind-JCCC

For some reasons I can’t find good Japanese Shows that I get addicted to and go around recommending. For starters it’s because I don’t watch much shows, but even when I do I can’t find something great enough for me to get overly obsessed with. When it comes to Japanese movies on the other hand,  I have a higher expectation.

Once the Japan foundation had a comedy Japanese movie screening, and I was a bit wary of that. When it’s called a comedy, it’s not always funny,but honestly the two movies I had seen were great, even though I missed 30 minutes of the beginning. So with these two previous experience in mind, I have a somewhat higher expectation of Japanese movies.

Next week, the JCCC will be airing a movie called “Lion Standing in the Wind”. To simply state it, it is about a Japanese doctor, providing health care in Kenya during a period of conflict. As you can tell, this by far does not sound like a comedy.

To be honest, what peeked my interest wasn’t so much about the story line, but rather the place it is set in, Kenya.  I have lived in Kenya for a few years, and have been studying Japanese for a few years. Combining these two different cultures into one movie sounds very interesting, and unusual so I really want to see it for myself.

I view the Kenyan culture, more like my own even though I’ve lived there for a few years. A vast majority of my family comes from there or has some sort of connection to it,like my parents.

Anyway, I thought  I’d let you know what’s up for the week. Tickets is $10  if you’re not a member, or $8 if you are.




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