JCCC Haru Matsuri 2016

Last week I nearly forgot about the JCCC’s Haru matsuri. The same thing with last year so I almost ended up missing out on it again, but fortunately I was able to go.


The event was held in doors. I think you can imagine why, with the season still being winter and what not. A whole bunch of interesting things was going on all at once. The first is most obviously the entrance. When you come in, you not only have a waft of yummy smelling food greeting you, but also a huge display of dolls.


These are dolls you display  for Hina matsuri, a festival for girls. Unfortunately some of the pictures I took disappeared-hence the delayed posting. However we’ll try to make do with whatever I could salvage. Trust me when I say that this display was on the large scale, magnificent.


If you travel down to the right, you see lots of great vendors selling books, little cute stuff, buddhism luck charm things, massage and such. If there’s ever a perfect time to stock up Japanese goods, it during these kinds of events.

This festival is a two day event at the JCCC. I went on a Sunday, so I can’t say for sure what it was like on Saturday or comment on anything to do with it. I suspect it was the same, but what do I know.

Unlike the summer where the performanded were outside, everything was held in the event hall. It was my first time seeing it, I don’t think we have ccess to it during the summer Matsuri. I got to say, they started off great by playing the Koto to Songs from Studio Ghibli.


Tonari no Totoro, totoro….


They had a free Koto lesson session too!  I think I’ll be posting up a link to the video here soon and you’ll see hear what I mean!


It was cool watching traditional Japanese dances as usual. For some reason they look easy to do but when I try it out in my head I stumble. I can honestly say that I don’t have that much of an appreciation to traditional dances. Just like how I don’t enjoy watching a sports game, but would love playing instead . I guess if I was part of the dance then I’d have more fun.

However if it’s more modern like, then that’s a different story. I think you know what exactly I’m talking about.

So, remember that yummy smell I mentioned, well at some point it was really getting to me because I was really hungry. So I had to get over my hesitation and got myself a fried Onigiri. It wasn’t actually as bad as I thought it would be! Little hard, but it was actually nice, thanks to the sweat sauce on it. I don’t know what it was. I also got Japanese style cake which was real good, but expensive. I’m pretty sure there was red bean in there, but it was alright with the cake.



There were other neat things going on like the electronic Band thing where you wave your hand over something and the corresponding sound plays. I guess you could say it’s like being musically talented and inept at the same time.

There was also the Sakura voice thing, where you say anything you want passionately into a mic, and it measures that and translates it to the blooming of sakura onto a screen. If you say it passionately enough, you get a full bloom.


Well I guess this concludes this post. Maybe if you check back here later you’ll find the missing pictures and videos!




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