Vegetarian Ramen Time!(Ramen Isshin)

When I think Ramen, I think about Uzumaki Naruto.


So you can’t blame me for thinking of it as a cartoon dish.  Everything I’ve ever known about it was probably from Naruto. Never had this cartoon dish. Let’s not consider Mr. Noodle, which I’ve had many times before, because that’s just noodles.

But this…

This is ramen.

My friend, Akuma(Awesome code name, don’t you think), and I went to Ramen Isshin which is right by Bathurst and College.  They had a couple of good reviews so Akuma and I decided to go check it out. Ramen Isshin was chosen in particular, due to it being the top found search when we looked up for vegetarian ramen, however, I couldn’t really see much , if any at all, commenting on the vegetarian selection.



This was what I had. It’s  the Vegetarian Red Miso Ramen. Two of the waitresses recommend it to me.

My taste bud for Asian food is only 1% developed, it’s just very different to me. That 1% comes from macha flavoured anything. Macha has grown onto me 少し だけ  just a bit.

It makes it harder that I’m trying vegetarian food  as my way of experiencing Japanese food culture, when I hate vegetables.

It’s never been so hard being a vegetarian, when you’re not.

I love meat, so my reaction to this Ramen may not have been the same had it been a halal meaty one.

Here’s how Akuma’s meaty-filled Ramen looked like. Well actually it had a nicer pile of green onions on top, before she dug in.


Akuma and her 6% Chopstick skills. Please Rate her skills


One thing I like about the Vegetarian Red Miso Ramen is the fact that the broth was thick, a little spicy but most importantly more sweater than the meat one. According to Akuma, on that last point.  I don’t know why I was shocked to find that the ramen wasn’t supposed to be the one that packs the flavourful punch, but the broth. It completely makes sense yet I overlooked that fact somehow.

I think I could pick up on that distinctive miso taste. It’s quite strong. At least I think it is miso, it’s the same taste from that time I had miso soup.

I did appreciate that there was Fried, grounded tofu in the ramen as it simulated that meaty taste I craved.The green onion taste went well with the ramen.

One thing I like about this location is the atmosphere. Within a minute of entering I felt my mood lift from , seeing the customers, waitress’s and cooks. Just a good vibe.

I appreciate that they had at least four vegetarian dishes to select from.  I think I saw a few other Ramen places that either didn’t accommodate to other diets or had only one to pick from.


After Ramen, we had ice cream!

There was  a macha and Sesame flavored ice cream.


Can you tell the macha from sesame?


This was the strangest kind of ice cream I’ve ever had. It was because the ice cream had a thin icy layer around. We could eat it with our hands and pick apart little ice cream pieces like it was cake. Except once you lost that layer the inside was as ice cream, as ice cream can be.

We got one scoop of each macha and sesame. I wanted to have the full experience of trying something new, so I hesitantly went for the sesame one. Akuma went for macha.  It turns out that my taste buds couldn’t handle the shock of so many new tastes. I just didn’t like the sesame. Akuma did, so we switched.

You can’t go wrong with Macha

I liked that they were considerate of the little details like using a frozen bowl, so that the ice cream didn’t melt. That’s new to me, but most likely because I don’t go out for dinner usually.

Overall, I’m not going to say that after my first experience with ramen that I love it. I thought it was alright, but I guess these things take some time to grow onto you. It could be just the fact that I prefer a meaty meal.

I was a bit upset I couldn’t try out my Japanese a little, even though I tried. I guess I couldn’t hear me, or just overlooked it and waited till I spoke in English.

I was happy that I got to say


as they thanked me. I won’t add that I did do a little happy jump outside to hear them all say

ありがとうございます!Thank you!

According to Akuma, that’s a normal thing in Japanese restaurants-if that’s not a good enough indicator of how little my Japanese food experience is, I don’t know what is.







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