Back on Track

After brainstorming and finally thinking through the direction I want this blog to turn, I think I’m finally done.

Improvements needed to be made so that I could create that ideal interactive community. Before, I was going at random, writing about whatever I found interesting or came to mind, now I have a plan.

-Did somebody place an order for more Japanese?

So what’s the plan?

1)I plan on making weekly posts. As of now, by the time this post is published, I’ll probably already have the next one underway. My goal is to have blogs finished way ahead of time and have them published for when it’s the start of a new week. I’m not to sure about cycling my weeks around Monday because, well, Monday’s aren’t very exciting, so I’m stuck deciding between Thursdays or Friday. If yo have a request let me know

-This just in. More Japan coming to you.

2) Each week will be addressing something a bit different. So I have four main categories: Japanese culture in Toronto, Japanese language, Japanese food and Opportunities abroad. This is very exciting to me, I’d like to that the Language section is particularly most exciting to me because I plan on making it a challenge. I’m a bit wary of the food section, I’m not so big on trying new foods, so I hopefully you’ll see how it’s like developing a certain taste and also learning more about dishes.Opportunities abroad is a tough one because it feels like there’s not infinitely many and eventually I’ll run out of ideas, but I got things in mind for that section. Finally, Japanese culture in Toronto, you’ll get to learn about how Japan has influenced Toronto, or see Japanese culture within Toronto…stuff like that, you get the gist.

I also do have another scrappy section about me, but it won’t be a weekly posting, or even monthly. It depends on the conditions I have in mind whether I make a post or not. 


-Featured film: Was it me, or my Japanese?

I welcome ideas, I don’t want this to be a one-girl show. It’s supposed to be interactive!


Stay tuned


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