My JLPT N4 Experience

Just the other day I went to York University, to sit for my JLPT exam N4 level. I got to say that it was not a good start to my day, considering that I forgot there was no subway service on Sundays.

Luckily I found my way and met someone else also going to the same place. The bus driver told him where to get off and transfer, but being the stubborn person I am, I stuck with the path google maps suggested.

Not a good Idea.

A few stops down I got off and decided that I would not chance my luck with google maps. I ended up waiting 7 minutes to go back a few stops and 30 minutes for the bus I would transfer onto. Long story short I made it in time , and saw the same person.

Anyway, back to the JLPT. I found the atmosphere kind of exciting. Seeing the whole foyer lined with students just waiting  was thrilling. It was like I was a part of something huge.  Not only is it just our group in Toronto,but around the world people were taking the same test.

It was interesting talking with my class mates and some new people. One guy studied Japanese for 1 year and was already signed up to take the N1! Meanwhile I’ve been at it for a while and I still thought the N4 would be a challenge.

One thing I should let you know upfront now is that I will not be sharing the type of questions we had for two reasons:

  1. We’re not allowed. Your test gets invalidated and I don’t want that
  2. I already somewhat forget them anyway

What I will tell you is how it was like for me.

The N4 was surprisingly harder than I’d imagined. Doable for someone like me, but it requires studying and I lacked in the studying department.Even the easiest of them all, which is listening, seemed harder. I wish they could play some of the audio twice!

Interestingly I saw a kid also doing the exam. I have a feeling he did better than me…everyone in that room looked like they were better than me.

The results come out some time in February 2016.One guy asked why there was a long wait. Apparently it’s because they have to ship it to Japan.



So much waiting,

for an impatient soul




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