Toronto’s Popular Japanese Cheese Cake -Uncle Tetsu

Toronto’s Popular Japanese Cheese Cake -Uncle Tetsu

Finally the long awaited post has arrived. It’s been months and the hype has died down a bit, but I still wanted to share my experience on  the Uncle Tetsu Japanese style Cheese cake from Fukuoka, Japan. Seeing as my blogs are to help people find Japan in Toronto, I had to include this. I just had to.


This tiny Cheesecake place, has caught a lot of attention in Toronto. If you’re by Bay and Dundas St.W and turn your head towards Uncle Tetsu’s, you always see a line. Sometimes it’s even an hour wait just to get one small cheesecake that’s a bit on the pricey side; naturally people get curious.  Ironically I chose a picture to show that supposedly has no line, but trust me there is. It’s so short, that everyone is already inside.

How was it?

Now I’m no Cheesecake expert-heck, I’ve only ever tried a store bought cheese cake once or twice in my life, but  I really did think that the uncle tetsu’s cheese cake style was different. At first bite, it wasn’t as squishy as the cheese cakes I’ve tried in the past. Far from that, it tasted like a sweet, lemony cake, that was soft. Part of the reason I never had much cheese cake in my life, was because, well, it’s a cheese cake. In my mind, I equivalate it to  cream cheese, so cheese cakes weren’t very appealing to me. Keep in mind that when I first tried Uncle tetsu’s cheese cake, it was hot and fresh.


I tweaked the picture a bit to make the face stand out. Just so you know!

I refrigerated the cake, and came back to try it that night and found that it lost that softness to it. This time round when I bit it it was more like a cheese cake. Some people prefer it this way, I guess they are true cheesecake fans; people who actually appreciate the cheese cake taste, whereas I don’t mind it so much, but prefer regular cake.

How was the Macha Madeline?

Right next door was the Uncle tetsu Macha cafe


I was able to get two regular macha madeline and two others filled with red bean paste. One thing you should know is that my history with red bean past filled foods, hasn’t been the greatest. the last thing I tried, I forgot the name, but it was just to strong of a raw egg-like taste. I couldn’t handle it. Naturally I was wary of the red bean paste filled Madeline.


I don’t know what I was expecting, but it actually tasted like that creamy macha flavor! Given the name,  it’s a given it should have tasted that way, but I was still surprised.  As expected, I didn’t like the bean paste filled one. However  the one without filling was alright,probably not worth as much as it was. My sister, who came with me, didn’t agree. She absolutely loved the taste, especially the one with the filling. In her words, ” The red bean paste, goes with the mach flavor.” 

Is It Worth the Visit?

In my case, I believe that the cheese cake is worth the visit, at least once just to try; especially if you love cheese cakes, or want to try something different. That being said, I wouldn’t say that it is worth the hour wait. I went early in the morning and was in line for about 5 minutes or so, before I got my cheese cake. I believe that this is a personal choice, if you love  Cheese cakes and love waiting  in lines, then by all means go for it. I’m just telling you what I would do. 

Anyway, I’m so glad I was able to go, I would like to go again, because there are other things I’d like to try. Down below is the video version of my experience, It was really awkward filming it. I hope it’s helpful!