Toronto Natsu Matsuri 2015

Finally this time of the year has come again. I specifically asked to take time off from work this day since I was waiting for this one day for a whole year.

As someone who’s been to all three of the matsuri’s I find it interesting to see how each year stands out from each other. This is purely subjective, but I believe that on the first year, the highlights were on the geisha/ maiko.


Next up for the Second matsuri, I choose the interactive group dance as my favourite pick for the day. I really enjoyed it and wished they did it this year.


Finally, for this year I was stuck between two options. In the end I would say the biggest thing that happened was the appearance of the idol groups: 5ynchroniz3 and LinQ

They posed for me!

They posed for me!


19529245174_be7e4d15b6_z 19529240504_c04915624e_z

I didn’t know any of these idol groups before this day. It was exciting meeting live idols for the first time ever.  I even got my picture taken with LinQ!

For my runner-up choice, I would give that to the huge Jank-Ken-Poi or Rock- Paper-Scissors tournament held at Dundas square for two great prizes. This game requires honesty since you have to stay out if you get out. There was a huge crowed participating to win against the huge hand at the front. The ones running the game thought it would take a long time till it came down to the last 10, but the game went surprisingly quick. This goes to show Canadian honesty!

Unfortunately I don’t have pictures because I was busy playing.

Aside from this ultimate showdown, I enjoyed seeing the Omikoshi being carried arround. I don’t remember them doing this last year.


Before I wrap-up, I still have one other thing to say. This year, I focused on collecting pictures of cosplayers/ interestingly dressed people. Here are my pictures.

19529212194_f5b072c757_m 20151847175_78e03f759b_m 20151865395_a3d1c2b3c2_m19963878360_33dbc4bcf8_z



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