Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre Matsuri -JCCC- 2015

I attended the natsu matsuri at the JCCC  this year (2015) and I realized that it’s been an entire year since my first visit. This years matsuri was just as I expected, but better.


Sakura Mai performed for this matsuri for the first time

There was a lot of interesting performers as always. This year I got to see the omikoshi being carried around. I don’t know if that happened last year because I can’t really remember seeing it well. As much as I would love to show you the picture I just recorded it. Down below is a quick video summary I made.

Compared to last year, I realized that this year I was able to better appreciate the Japanese dances. I think with anything, the first look is usually not very observant as the second.As I watched them dance, I wondered how hard it would be for me to try the same thing.

19761765271_2e9cffe59c_o copyDSC_0465DSC_0471

Now let me show you the one thing I really loved seeing at the JCCC, aside from the lively crowd of people.


When I get the chance I’ll get the name of the person who did this wonderful work and write it here

DSC_1434 DSC_1446 DSC_1443 DSC_1433

I found this wonderful art piece of a miniature old Japanese village. It was so beautiful I just wanted to stay there for the rest of the matsuri but of course I couldn’t because there was just one thing I was eagerly anticipating and that’s the huge audience participation dance.

DSC_1483 DSC_1506 DSC_1571

To my satisfaction I got to see a lot more new dances, perhaps some were the same from last year. I wish there were more audience participation ones. I enjoyed the ones from last year and really wanted to join in more.  Unfortunately I was tired and hungry so I left just before the end. I wonder if there were fireworks or anything special that happened.

To see more of what happened watch my short video summary I made below.

Stay tuned for the blog on the Matsuri at Dundas square 2015 coming soon! Sorry for the delayed post.

For more pictures check out my flickr.