Japan foundation Toronto closed…and Moving!

This summer Japan Foundation Toronto closed down from it’s current location. I knew this was going to happen, but the news felt like it came to me all of a sudden. After 20 years at the Colonnade building, it was going to move to a new location.


At first I was sad to hear this because I really love how close it was to my campus and also home. Luckily they are only moving a few blocks down. The distance from campus is longer but, I used to walk from my old school which was further away, to that same location anyways. All in all, it’s all good.


I’m still a little saddened by the fact that I can’t go to the library to borrow books or dvds. JFT will probably reopen sometime in October. At first that sounded way far off in time, but ever since I started working most of my time has been occupied with work which makes time pass quicker. Even if JFT were open now, I probably wouldn’t have had the time to go anyways.


I am, however, excited by this move. I think that the new JFT will be better and hopefully cooler than it already is!  たのしみです!



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