My (First) Hanami!

As I mentioned before in a previous post, I  had been planning on going for Hanami at Toronto’s high park with friends and I did!  We were a very loud and roudy for a small group. 

Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of the actual picnic but I do have pictures of the park. It was really pretty! So many people came out just to see the sakura so finding a great place to sit was hard.

NadiasEdits_135 NadiasEdits_198

Maybe my pictures don’t really show it, but YES there was a lot of people, a lot of picture taking as well.   

Now as for the sakura…well here’s are pictures that will do the talking for me.

NadiasEdits_178 NadiasEdits_176 NadiasEdits_172 NadiasEdits_134

They were beautiful. I only wish they were just a bit more pink!

In general high park was really great! There was a lot to see that I feel like I missed out on. Here are some more pictures from there:

NadiasEdits_197 NadiasEdits_133 panorama NadiasEdits_191