UTRIP- Research at Todai

UTRIP: University of Tokyo Research Internship Program

This is a summer research opportunities targeted towards undergraduate students who plan on working towards a masters or Ph.D

This is a perfect chance to get some guidance but unfortunate for me you got to be at least in second year at an accredited university to apply. Plus you need to be into natural science, engineering or something related to that, which is all good for me.  The good thing is I already know about this ahead of time.

One great thing about this internship program is that its great for those of us who want to combine their interest in science and Japan together. As a participant you get short courses on Japanese and the The japanese culture. Theres also excursions outside of tokyo!

Now this program sounds awesome, but if you’re anything like me, there’s only one thing that would matter the most; the cost.

According to their website, UTRIP participants will be financed by one of the three scholarships available. If I’ve understood it right it should be enough to live off of.

The three scholarships are:


2) FUTI- Award- For students in American university

3) CONICYT scholarship – For Chilean people and permanent Chile residents

This is an amazing opportunity so I would recommend you check it out. I wish I could say more but I’ll have to see for myself. If there’s one thing that I’m worried about, it’s the recommendation letter from a professor.  It’ll be alright though, I hope!



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