Hanami Toronto 2015

I think that around this time people get to see the wonderful sakura cherry blossoms, blooming all around. I’ve seen some pictures of it in Japan and think that it is pretty much over, at least in Tokyo. 

Pretty much what happens when the sakura’s are blooming, people go for hanami. 


which is basically a word with two kanji’s, the first for flower and the second for  watching.  Hanami is literally flower viewing, so people have picnics and enjoy the view. I personally that the important part of it would be the gathering together and eating with people.

You don’t have to be in Japan to have hanami in Toronto because the Japanese government has given 2000 Sakura trees as a gift to Torontonians in 1959, for supporting the Japanese-Canadian refugees after the second world war.

Photo from http://www.torontomike.com/high_park_cherry_blossoms/

Last year I went to High Park to see the sakura as a photographer, this year I want to go for a proper one. I want to have an actual picnic.

I thought I missed the blooming peak but when I went online the high park website, they predicted the blooming period is around May 7th-9th. Save the date and gather your friends for some Hanami!


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