Japanese story translating challenge!

A couple of things happened here and there and every where and before I knew it it was spring.

I really wanted to attend the festivals ( Hina Matsuri and Haru Matsuri) at the  Japan foundation and the JCCC respectively but I couldn’t. So this post won’t be as interesting as those could have been mainly because there will be no pictures. Instead I wanted to share an interesting website for those who want more exposure to Japanese, plus a little interactive challenge for you and me.

Below is a link to a Japanese story which is found on a Japanese website so it’s really hard to navigate around unless you can read. The interactive challenge will be for us to piece together what one of the stories is about and see how well our understanding is. I’ve already picked out the one that looks the easiest.

第10話 : 食わず女房
内容 : ごはんを食べない女房の正体は、頭に口があるバケモノ。


This is what the link looks like:

hukusue 1

Then scroll down and you will see this:

hukusue 2

The story is the one I circled. I haven’t heard it yet but hopefully this will be a fun and educating game.  I guess the winner  gets to choose the next story for next time.  What makes a winner, you’re all winners! On a serious note, I’ll figure this out later depending on the outcome. I expect that I’ll win mostly because I’m the only one reading this, along with my three spies. >u<!


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  1. zarodazoro
    Apr 12, 2015 @ 04:20:15

    In conclusion, I barely understood. I think I heard that in the beginning the man didn’t want to eat because he was going to work. I understood a few words here and there but not enough to piece the story together. I don’t know what the story is about. I have a sneaking suspicion that there was some frightening ghostly like character involved that scared the man. I don’t know who that woman in the beginning of the story is. Is she a worker girl or something? I know she’s doing some work but what exactly… Overall I was at least able to follow along with the text even if I didn’t know all the kanji.(years ago I couldn’t).


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