Goipeace essay writing contest for youth!

If you are a strong believer in peace, especially universal peace, and have something you really want to say and get noticed then this is for you! 

Goi peace foundation is hosting it’s annual essay writing contest for children ( up to 14) and youth (15-25) and this years theme is about Building Peace In Our Minds and Hearts.  The great thing about this contest is that it is international and it can be written in either English, Japanese, French,Spanish and German.

The winners from the Children and Youth category will receive cash prize, certificate and an all expense paid trip to the award ceremony in Tokyo! If there is anyone interested in this contest, let me advise on one thing, the foundation is really passionately about promoting a peaceful safe world, so if you attempt writing something just for the sake of the prize then your piece may be devoid of the passion and worse, your voice will not be carry through your writing. I’m saying this as I have had experience in the past. I wrote a piece that was very weak. I realized that one common thing that the winners have all had in the past was themselves in their writing. I was absent from mine.

I guess the prize acts as an incentive to get people to actually really give their essay some thought. We are the youth, the inheritors of the world,so if we are going to run things, I guess we should really think things through.

Check out the website : http://www.goipeace.or.jp/english/activities/programs/1501.html


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