Message to those applyign for the MEXT

It’s February now, and you know you want to apply for the Monbukagakusho, yet you’re not studying.


Maybe you’re not sure if you should apply because of the responsibilities of getting chosen, or because you don’t want to leave home.


Maybe you just heard of this crazy wicked awesome scholarship and are questioning it’s authenticity.


In any case you should still be studying! Study, Study, Study! Study as though the test were tomorrow. If you really want it, or not even sure, study as you think about it!

How should I study?

Well a good source is definitely the past test papers posted online, if you can’t solve a question you know you have a problem. When you discover a problem, fix it so it’s not a problem anymore as soon as you can. Make sure that other types of similar questions don’t ever trip you up.

Thus you have been warned!