Update : I want to go too! >.<

So recently, I’ve been in feeling kind of…jealous for those who have gone and particularly stayed in Japan for sometime. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the, “errr I hate you for going!” it’s more like, “You went? I wish I could go soon too!”

I’m even more happy and just a tiny bit envious of that person on facebook who recently found out that they were selected for the MEXT scholarship. I really wish that I hadn’t screwed up on my quiz. I really wish that I never stopped studying and  I found out about the scholarship earlier enough. That’s all in the past now, I’m just upset about how I was able to let something so important and meaningful to me, slip out of my hands.  I am happy of course that , that person won. Congrats to all winners!

“You’ll be able to go one day, just start saving up,” I was told recently by someone who had one once. I’m not receiving government loans for school and I am still struggling to find a job (I keep messing up on interviews! grrr)  so at this rate, I should be able to travel to Japan, on my own, in a bajillion years.

Why is it so hard to pursue something you really want?

I mentioned before, I think, that I really don’t want to put high expectations in a place I’ve never been to before, but the more I discover about it from here in Canada, the more I can’t wait.

It looks like my nearest ticket out of here is in two more years , when I reach my third year and can do an exchange. I haven’t forgotten about the MEXTscholarship and have researched how the application would go for graduate, applications.

There’s also, UTRIPS, I discovered that I would like to try to apply for, but I doubt I’m ready this year. Look forward to a post on that, my three spies! (I still find that funny)

On the flip side of things, at least I’m doing better at Japanese and , learning Kanji is actually fun.


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