Dear 20 years of Age

Dear 20 years of age,

I hated you when you came replacing 19 because you moved me out of the teens. You knew just as well that I wanted more time to spend with 19 but you budded in.

I guess you can’t help, you’re controlled by the master Clock.  I’ll never forget my time with 14, I don’t remember why but I remembered being attached to it so much I just couldn’t say goodbye for many years. I probably am still stuck on that time in my head.

Dear 20 years of age,

I don’t like your master clock. He doesn’t wait for me to get ready to move on to a new age,he just brushes me along. He’s so heart less, literally.

Dear 20 years of age,

I’m afraid of the future, I always have been since I was young. After a busy day of playing in the park, I’d come back home and my mind would project to the future I thought would come. It was always scary because all I could see was change and death, both of which I hate.

Dear 20 years of age,

Before you know it, you’ll be long gone and it’ll be 30 coming along. Can’t you see I’m terrified? Please defy master Time and stay with me. Please. I’m not asking to die and stay 20, I’m asking to live and stay 20. I know life has to move on but can’t time slow down, just for me? I’m slow when it comes to accepting unwanted change.

Dear 20 years of age,

I’ve finally just accepted you and your sister, 21 is coming to replace you. How could you do this to me?

Dear 20 years of Age,

I’m not mad at you. I’m sorry if it comes across as that. It was during your time that I progressed forward. When you were there, I finally progressed. I finally grew out of the high school I never wanted to leave. 19 helped me choose a career path but it was you , my sweet 20, that the future didn’t look so dark and depressing. I’ve grown and learned a lot. Valuable lessons such as taking opportunities seriously and looking for them where ever they are.  At 19, I began searching, and during your time, I discovered things such as the MEXT, the UTRIP, and the university life.  It doesn’t seem like much but I can’t remember the time we had together, especially after I spent 6 months fighting you and rejecting your presence.

Dear 20 years of Age,

We accomplished a lot of failures, but there were successes as well. The failures themselves were crucial in helping me grow . The successes include getting acceptance into U of T, finding wonderful opportunities to make life better and learning how to survive.

Dear 20 years of Age,

Thank you. I’ll miss you even more knowing that you’ll never cross my path again. Greet 14 for me.

Dear 20 years of Age,

I’ll try to be more accepting of 21. I’m not so good with change but moving from you to 21 won’t be that big of a deal. It’s not as significant as 19 to you, or 24 to 25 or 29 to 30.  I’m sorry I fought you for the first few months. Being the eldest ever since I was younger, always made me feel like I was old. I thought I was old when I was 18, but now through you as a 20 year old, they seem like babies to me.

Dear 20 years of Age,

Thank you. I’m sorry I never got to show you Japan yet. Maybe I can at least show it to 21.

good bye friend.

Dear 21, years of Age,

I know we haven’t met yet and I’m getting ahead of myself but welcome. My place is a mess, but I hope you can just ignore that for now. I’m trying to clean up. This was a mess created since  since I was around 16.  You’re not here yet and I hope I get to meet you soon, inshallah. I hope we can work together. I hope that we can experience even more than any other time in m life. I hope I can be more successful in terms of school and religion and be able to be better than the day before.

We don’t know each other very well, but please treat me kindly,



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