The Japan Foundation

If you’re studying Japanese or just interested in Japanese cultures, the Japan Foundation is just for you! It’s by far one of my greatest discovery if not the best.
Just take this in; A struggling Jibunde learner who so happens to discover one of the 24  international Japan foundations,where it’s really easy to get to. How was I this lucky?


Anyways, here a few reasons why you should come to the Japan Foundation:

1) They have a lot of great events, that show the Japanese culture/language. I have learnt about Japanese paper making , festivals and other things I can’t remember. I love their Japanese language sampler classes as well. Guess what? Most of these events are free.


2) Lots of learning materials to use for your studies. Since it free to get a library card-they have a library, did I forget to mention? – Now you have a chance at improving your Japanese reading skills. Or you can learn about Japanese arts and craft or places in Japan, or just read manga and more.  You can also watch some dvd’s on their TV/computer thing. I don’t mind picking up little kids books and trying to read them.


3) At the Japan foundation,  you’re engulfed in a Japanese community . I love it just being able to sit and here Japanese spoken around me and people like me studying hard .  I don’t even feel out of place there.

4) The Japan Foundation has nice displays in it’s gallery. The displays change over time. There are also wonderful displays inside the library.

DSC_0232 DSC_0247 DSC_0226_1

5) It offers connections to other Japanese programs/events going on. Inside the library, there are lots of posters letting you know about wonderful opportunities that are going on.  Most of the stuff is about  learning Japanese abroad or research opportunities

The list goes on but for now, my brain is tired. Just to point out, I’m only speaking about what I experienced in  the Japan Foundation at my location.

If you’ve been to any Japan foundation, feel free to tell me what you thought about it.


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