Your Japanese scale

Sometimes when you’re studying Japanese, you can’t tell how far you’ve come. In actuality you’ve  probably learnt a lot and have looked at it as insignificant. That kind of sucks BUT, I found a way around it .  What I found that works for me is to set up a scale.  Every once in a while, I refer to this scale to see if I’ve improved or not.

What is this scale?

Basically what I did was I had this video that was way beyond my level at the time. That’s what the scale is, you have a video and it’s beyond your understanding level. I’m not saying like you’re one level one and the video is on level one hundred. I’m saying that you’re video should be closer to you’re level and not insanely higher, otherwise you won’t feel like you’re learning much.

When you watch that video you get mixed feeling a frustration and motivation. Don’t just watch the video for a few seconds, watch a significant amount, if not the whole thing. Let that feeling of not understanding a thing sink in.

What’s next?

Naturally, you may want to look up some words or find subtitles, but stop yourself there. The whole point of this scale is to act as a reference point to see if you’ve improved or not. You can’t do that if you’ve translated it. After watching it, you bookmark that video and let it kind of slip out of your mind and continue with your Japanese studies.

During times where your motivation is low and you think you’ve gained nothing, refer to that video and see to what degree you can understand it this time round.


What’s my reference video?

My reference video is basically a show that teaches Japanese, in Japanese. Compared to the first time I watched it and now, I’m understanding  a lot more this time.


I can watch more and understand more, but I still don’t understand it all.


When it comes to setting a book as a reference point…it hasn’t really worked for me mostly because I probably didn’t set the right level book as my reference book. After a while, the baby books get a tad bit boring so I tried this beginners novel with furigana, I could read it but not really understand it. -_-


Has anyone tried this before? Let me know!


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