Preparing for my first year at University

I’m finally done with high school and am now going to the University, this Fall. So far, things are so confusing. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a first generation student( my parents didn’t really get schooling so they don’t really know about how things work), or if it’s because the universities lack of help in explaining what’s going on. Then again, this confusion started in High school. Bottom line, UGH!

I made a trip to the university to clear things up for me and to get a head start on things. One of the places I was able to visit ahead of time was this international center. Even though I’m busy looking for answers to do with course selection, majors, minors, specialist, work on campus and other stuff, I’m still keeping my study in Japan dream alive.

This center is my back-up plan if I don’t get the monbukagakusho. It’s sad to think about that, but I can’t take any chances. On the positive side, there are other scholarships I could apply for, the experience may not be as great as that of a mext scholar but it beats nothing. I just hope I can  choose to study a wide variety of courses and not just Japanese culture/ language. It’s hard to explain why because my brain has it’s own ways of running, but essentially, I don’t want to ‘waste’ a year studying Japanese in Japan because… It’s hard to imagine how my family will perceive that.  With the mext, on the other hand, it’s a different story. I would have a strong reason as to how practical it would be since I would need it in classes.(You can see where my mind is really wrapped around)

Back to matters at hand, I have to urgently find a job, preferably at a Library because that’s my ideal part-time job.

I’m still not sure about how things will go for me since I’m not applying for the government loan. People think I’m crazy,

“Are you crazy? We’re poor!” (My friend told me that)

but I have my reasons.

I’ve never considered myself poor but recently, I found out that I technically live in poverty. Hmmm…  One working parent, with more than 8 dependents. Hopefully less if I can support myself. My mission will be to apply for as much scholarships as I can. I hope I can have enough saved up so that I can try studying abroad.

Finding a job is so hard though. My resume fails, my interviews fail, I fail! I know I would take the job on seriously but I can’t seem to convey that to people.I proved myself in my performance in Jobs that didn’t need a resume and interview. I’ll try really harder this time round.

Money, study, Japan, Religion (Yep, that too)


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