Chopstick journals




   My japanese food experience… I got to say, I can’t understand what all the hype is for when it comes to Japanese food. My question to those who absolutely love it is why? 

Sorry lets back track this a little bit. It all started once upon a today. My friends planned on eating out after our exam. I suggested we eat Shawarma while they wanted Sushi. I remembered once upon a time having that bitter soup and some left over udon, courtesy of my sister.(Actually she saved some udon for me). One thing you should know about me, I am not so adventurous when it comes to food. I didn’t grow up with middle eastern food when I was younger and shawarma was something new to me two years ago, but I was more than happy to try it.

But when it came to a simple sushi roll, I was immediately unsure and actually afraid. I realized that I would have to eventually try Japanese food if I wanted to go to Japan. I wanted my first experience to be in Japan , but what the heck, I was getting some left overs for free. 

I brought that little bowl to my lips and let it in foolishly having an expected taste, only to be bitterly shocked.Get what I did there?

Lets just say I didn’t like it that much. I guess it’s because it was a whole new thing. With a Shawarma, it’s close to what I think of homely taste, so it was easy for me to accept it. That soup, I think it was miso soup maybe, was a far from home. I came to the conclusion that for me to like Japanese food, it would be through acquired taste. Once I get used to it I think it’ll be all right. 

So today, I felt like a baby. You’ll understand when you see the picture bellow




I was a warrior at that table, well I saw it that way. I was determined to use a chopstick through out and mind you I did. (How’s my British English coming along?)

That was one of the two things that made me somewhat happy to be there, the other being fried shrimp. That stuff was great. Maybe because I pretended that it wasn’t really shrimp. Maybe it was also because my tongue was bamarded with all sorts of new that some fried shrimp was close enough to fries or chicken. 

It was so hard picking something on my own from the menu. I don’t like buying things that I’m not sure I’ll like. I settled for a handroll set and there came that soup again. 

My friend offered me her rice roll (Sorry I don’t know the names) and I learnt tat you can’t bite it in half. I also learnt that wasabi, if that was what its called, is hot. I guess that’s why in that show, ‘Chopsockychucks’ the evil guy was named wasabi. Life is making more sense.


This time round, I actually liked the miso soup more than everything else except the shrimp. See what I mean by acquiring a taste? Well i hope I acquire a taste for this cone roll thing, it really didn’t go well for my first time.




Well at least my friends were entertained by my 2-year-old-like eating. 

(I took home the rolls,  opened one up and took the fish so I could fry it. I wasn’t yet brave enough to try it raw)


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