After the exam/interview

I just finished writing up the last of my exams for the monbukagakusho and I wanted to write down what I felt before I lost the feeling….

It was challenging, you could say. I don’t know if it’s advantageous to be the only one sitting for the undergraduate exam, or not. I hope it is.

At first I felt kind of disappointed when I finished, but then I quickly got out of that mood. I can’t be mad at how I performed in the exams because I know I honestly tried my best, studying in a short period of time.Plus I was fasting and tired. I wish there were certain things I looked into further while I was studying, but it’s ok. I did what I could do. (I’ll give myself a pat on the back)

You know that moment in a movie where the scene is more dramatic and slowed down, and everyone is holding their breath to see the outcome? I’m holding my breath right now. The results come out in about 3 weeks.

I came up with a short list of what I did wrong.

  • Didn’t practice for the interview: I know I stated previously that I was confident in the interview part, but I still should have practiced going through an interview with someone. I pictured it in my head but since I know myself very well, I kind of skipped preparing something to say about myself. At the end, I realized I left out some info I could have shared about me.
  • Didn’t keep track of time: Since I didn’t keep track of my time, I ran out time and so I could only answer  3 questions for Math. I wasn’t even able to properly finish my Chemistry as well.
  • Didn’t prepare for physics:  I should have checked to see what exams I was supposed to do more carefully because I didn’t realize that by choosing chemistry as my third option as a subject to major in, I would have to do a physics exam.(I also did biology)

That’s all I can think of.  Don’t get me mistaken for being hopeless, I still believe I have a shot at this. All that’s left is to pray.

I guess, for now you can leave me holding my breath, waiting.


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