Preparing for Round one of The MEXT exam

I thought I would take this time to record how it was before passing the application part and  making it to the exam part, assuming I will. (Confidence. Confidence. Confidence.)

Right now I am so anxious.  If I had heat vision, my phone would be melted  by now from all the looking. At the top, I get notifications of incoming mail and I assume that the consulate would communicate the pass through email.

I tried rally hard to scrap up some info on the other countries and it looks like some exams are on the June 13. Then again, some people had to hand in their applications a month earlier than I had.

One of the very few pieces of info I also managed to find was the list of last years winners from some country I can’t remember.

One. They had only one person who got the Undergraduate scholarship.


So with the info I was able to obtain, here’s what I was able to formulate: You get a weeks notice before the exam if you pass the documentation part. So those who had to hand their applications in, in April, were evaluated within 2 weeks. They should’ve found out on their second week.

I’m in my second week now so I should look forward to that now. (Confidence. Confidence. Confidence.)


One of the most significant feelings I’ve had after submitting was this desire to win. Before that, I really wanted to apply and  hoped to pass but, at the same time I was unsure. Thoughts about what would happen with this and that if I was gone. But now, I don’t hope to pass, I want to pass!

I’m not saying all those other mixed feeling disappeared, they’re recessive .(If you get what I mean using biology) I guess it’s due to the lack of enough info.



What happens if I don’t?

well, I’ve never been one to just give up. I’m getting into University and I hope to find another way. I’ll probably be sad because the MEXT scholarship was the best way I came across.

I call these blogs my journey to Japan not because I’ve been there and wanted to talk about it, but because I’m looking for my way in, if that makes sense. If only you could hear me sigh.




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