Japanese Matsuri In Toronto

Guess what I got in the mail from the Japan foundation?

Ok stop guessing and get a load of this.


Yes! The second Matusuri on the face of Toronto is coming? Can I write #it’scoming? People always write #it’scoming,  when nothing was coming but this Matsuri is this time so I guess it’s ok  to use it.

The last years one was just amazing. I got to see the drumming and dancing and food and DANCING. I really look forward to the dances. Last year I recorded it all with my phone and my arms ached but this year I got the equipment. Camera, Check. Tripod. Check. extra zoomy lens check. I think I’ll need another lens (hopefully borrow it from somewhere) with a higher aperture though, and extra battery and sd card.


If you want an idea of what happened last year, check out my youtube channel. I warn you that the quality was horrible because it was my phone.




My most popular video was the one on geiasha/maiko makeover. I hope to capture that properly this time. They the makeover three times I think so if people missed the first one they still had the chance of seeing the next.


So Where is it? Dundas Square Toronto

When? July 27th




Be there or Be round




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