Preparing for Round one of The MEXT exam

I thought I would take this time to record how it was before passing the application part and  making it to the exam part, assuming I will. (Confidence. Confidence. Confidence.)

Right now I am so anxious.  If I had heat vision, my phone would be melted  by now from all the looking. At the top, I get notifications of incoming mail and I assume that the consulate would communicate the pass through email.

I tried rally hard to scrap up some info on the other countries and it looks like some exams are on the June 13. Then again, some people had to hand in their applications a month earlier than I had.

One of the very few pieces of info I also managed to find was the list of last years winners from some country I can’t remember.

One. They had only one person who got the Undergraduate scholarship.


So with the info I was able to obtain, here’s what I was able to formulate: You get a weeks notice before the exam if you pass the documentation part. So those who had to hand their applications in, in April, were evaluated within 2 weeks. They should’ve found out on their second week.

I’m in my second week now so I should look forward to that now. (Confidence. Confidence. Confidence.)


One of the most significant feelings I’ve had after submitting was this desire to win. Before that, I really wanted to apply and  hoped to pass but, at the same time I was unsure. Thoughts about what would happen with this and that if I was gone. But now, I don’t hope to pass, I want to pass!

I’m not saying all those other mixed feeling disappeared, they’re recessive .(If you get what I mean using biology) I guess it’s due to the lack of enough info.



What happens if I don’t?

well, I’ve never been one to just give up. I’m getting into University and I hope to find another way. I’ll probably be sad because the MEXT scholarship was the best way I came across.

I call these blogs my journey to Japan not because I’ve been there and wanted to talk about it, but because I’m looking for my way in, if that makes sense. If only you could hear me sigh.




Japanese Matsuri In Toronto

Guess what I got in the mail from the Japan foundation?

Ok stop guessing and get a load of this.


Yes! The second Matusuri on the face of Toronto is coming? Can I write #it’scoming? People always write #it’scoming,  when nothing was coming but this Matsuri is this time so I guess it’s ok  to use it.

The last years one was just amazing. I got to see the drumming and dancing and food and DANCING. I really look forward to the dances. Last year I recorded it all with my phone and my arms ached but this year I got the equipment. Camera, Check. Tripod. Check. extra zoomy lens check. I think I’ll need another lens (hopefully borrow it from somewhere) with a higher aperture though, and extra battery and sd card.


If you want an idea of what happened last year, check out my youtube channel. I warn you that the quality was horrible because it was my phone.



My most popular video was the one on geiasha/maiko makeover. I hope to capture that properly this time. They the makeover three times I think so if people missed the first one they still had the chance of seeing the next.


So Where is it? Dundas Square Toronto

When? July 27th




Be there or Be round



My discovery of the Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Scholarship

Something amazing happened one day as I was looking up scholarships online and happened to type ‘Japan’ in the search box, not even expecting to find anything. There it was, the monbukagakusho, otherwise known as the MEXT scholarship. (Ministry of Education culture, sports, science and Technology. I think)

I read through it and it sort of went like this in my mind:

-Full scholarship to Japan
What? You gotta be kidding me. I bet it’s only graduates though.
Ok, looking good so far, but I bet I can’t do it because of the age limit. -_-
-17yrs-22 for 2015
0.0…This can’t be right! Hold on, don’t get happy yet. There’s bound to be some condition which single me out like usual… How was it that I just barely made it?!

At this point, I read the guidelines and I kind of held my breath as I read along and didn’t find anything I didn’t qualify for. I read it again. And Again, and again. At this point I was bursting with so much happiness that… it felt like I was floating.

I remember telling my sister that over and over again. I kept telling her, ‘I’m floating’

As you can tell, I’m weird like that. From the way I acted it was as if I had won the scholarship, which I haven’t YET. (Confidence. Confidence.Confidence.)
My sister thought I had won from the way I was acting.

I guess you wouldn’t understand why I was happy unless you were in my head. Normally, any great program I find has criteria which factors me out in one way or another. It’s usual age. I’ve never been in my correct grade since way back so I’m usually in a class with younger kids.

When I want to do some stuff grade wise like contests it usually has an age limit and so I’m out.

This scholarship was just too good to be true. I had to go out and do as much research as I could. Man,it is HARD finding info on the winners, I’ve found only four winners, one of which I get a lot of info from.

Shout out to Eustacia at (LOVELY site)

Luckily I managed to get my hands on a book from 2005, which is probably outdated. The bad news was it didn’t help me much in understanding how to apply and practice for stuff and guide me to a successful application BUT It was a book that was meant for those who had won the scholarship . I’ve literally have held on to it like the bible, (figure of speech, I’m not even christian.) This book gave me some insight on what to prepare for as a winner. (I know, I know, I’m getting ahead of myself) It even answered some my my questions and helped me understand the MEXT scholarship a little bit more.

I’m so happy I’ve applied but I nearly messed up big time by forgetting to add my signatures on the form. Good thing I submitted it a day before the dead line because I was able to go back and finish it off. I guess that made me look bad though. 😦

I think I did good considering the fact that I discovered the scholarship at the beginning of may when it was due on the 30th of the same month.

Now to prepare for the exams.

dun dun duuuuun